In one of his poorly produced campaign ads, douche canoe “impeach Trump fanatic” Tom Steyer opens with these words:

“Listen, every Democrat running for President is better than the criminal in the White House.”

Can you believe the arrogance of this billionaire bad belt wearing douche canoe? I mean seriously!

He’s gonna ‘take on’ corporate America and end “corporate campaign contributions”. LOL This idiot is spending $25,000 for his ad at 9am on a Sunday morning to call the President of the United States a CRIMINAL on national tv. Does he think for one second that his ability to make a statement of “ending corporate money in politics” makes the media shake in their boots? Umm, NOOOOO! THEY ARE THE ONES TAKING THIS DIPSHIT’S MONEY! Do you think for ONE SECOND that the advertising and media lobbying efforts would not pummel every single politician into submission if they tried to cut off their number one revenue source category?

Hey Tom, if you’re listening- please, keep spending and know that I’m clicking on every single ad I see of EVERY dumbass delusional Democrat to dwindle their campaign budget $1 at a time, ESPECIALLY YOU!