What the new China Trade Deal really means


China President, Xi Jinping, is no dummy and you can call it “reading the tea leaves” or even consulting a psychic or palm reader, but President Xi has agreed and announced phase 1 of the new trade deal because he KNOWS that President Trump WILL be RE-ELECTED in 2020.

China has been watching the trends and polling of America for the last 12 months. They miscalculated how well our economy is going and also how strong President Trump truly is when it comes to negotiating. When China backed out of the deal citing they weren’t willing to not steal our intellectual property, the leverage they held was false confidence. Within the last 2 months of this crazy Democrat impeachment, President Xi has seen enough evidence to know that if China waited for a deal, it would be a worse deal for them.

President Trump has just given our great Country and the World a first hand demonstration of a book that was written in 1987. The best selling book, Art of the Deal, has just played out in real life. It has been the BEST infomercial of all time.

At the core of any negotiation, you MUST always be willing to walk away.

This new China trade deal is only the beginning of what will be years and years of FAIR TRADE and RESPECT by other Nations. Well done President Trump!