Look no further than CAPITALISM for the answer!

Bernie Sanders rants, raves, fingers wags and does that orchestra conductor hand thing so passionately when he’s talking about what the Government owes everybody and why healthcare is a human right, even for illegal immigrants! The best part about this, is Bernie Sanders can’t win the argument against me, so how in the hell is he going to win the argument against TRUMP?

Check out the MASSIVE annual income from Bernie’s book sales:

Our Revolution- A future to believe in | Less than $201 annually
Outsider in the White House | $1,803 annually
We Shall Overcome (music cd LOL) | Less than $201 annually
Bernie Sanders’ Guide To A Political Revolution | Less than $201 annually

What’s Bernie’s whopping annual royalties total for this CRAP? It’s in the neighborhood of $2,000 to $2,500!

So, CAPITALISM shows you that SOCIALISM doesn’t work dipstick! But we still love Bernie for his crazy hair and we wish him well on the campaign trail.