The CRAZY DEMOCRATS and mainstream media were QUICK TO POUNCE on Trump’s tweet:

“So ridiculous. Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!”

and call he and the First Lady…. wait for it…. HYPOCRITES.

LOL LOL LMFAO! The mere fact that these asshat idiotic HYPOCRITES would call ANYBODY a hypocrite is hilarious!

Here’s WHY President Trump and the First Lady are not hypocritical in calling out Time magazine’s pick for person of the year.

  1. Greta Thunberg is an ACTIVIST! She’s spoken at TED and pitched the lame, junk science global crisis warming crap propaganda. She’s touted as an expert, yet TRUE EXPERTS that are ACTUAL SCIENTISTS are passed over with their findings, because after all, a passionate 16 year old gets more clicks, sells more magazines, raises more money and wait for it- allows NATIONS to implement more LAWS to RAISE MORE TAXES!
  2. Barron Trump is the mild mannered, quiet and EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT son of the President and First Lady. He’s 13 years old and focuses on his schooling, books and soccer. He’s sort of an awkward kid, but who wasn’t at 13, finding their way into their likes and dislikes.

So do us a favor you BIASED, #FakeNews liberal loving idiots in the media- DO YOUR JOB! REPORT THE NEWS! STOP your own hypocrisy of bullshit with actually trying to convince idiots that you care, that you report news, that you’re fair in your 95% negative Trump coverage and perhaps most importantly, that you’re professional… because you’re not- you SUCK! This is #WhyTrumpWillWinAgain in 2020!


  1. This sixteen year old is about as bright as a bug crawling on the wall. She has proven it with the garbage she posted on FB. When she grows up, I hope she gains a little (or a lot) of common sense and uses the brain God gave her to figure things out. None of the liberals have much brain power. If they did, they wouldn’t be liberal and would stop trying to turn our GOOD OLD USA into a third world country.

  2. And, just what does “awaiting moderation” mean. Does it mean you won’t post my statement? Or, does it mean you will only post part of it? Just what does that mean? You posted all of the sixteen year olds comments. Because she is liberal does that give her more rights than a Conservative?