We all know that there is plenty of material over Joe Biden’s LONG career as a politician in the public eye for the Trump team to obliterate him if he’s the Democrat nominee. However, Biden just keeps the hits coming and keeps adding material almost daily for them to really cherry pick from!

In a recent press pool question round, he just spouts out:

“Even if Trump is acquitted, the American people, including the Senators who are going to vote to acquit him, know no one wants their kid to grow up like him.”

In our opinion, this one sentence just sealed his fate! How many costumes of Joe Biden were sold in September and October? How many brands does Joe Biden own?

How many times has Joe Biden DONATED HIS SALARY to the government to assist in areas of great need?

The last straw or nail in the coffin- whatever you want to call it, Joe Biden just did it!

There are a TON of parents that only wish that their children would grow up to be like Donald Trump, flaws and all. Hell, I bet even Joe Biden could have that one statement back and wish his son Hunter could be like Trump! Last we checked, Trump had not smoked, did drugs or drank alcohol… and Hunter’s a crackhead!

And Epstein did not hang himself.