It’s easy to write about crazy Democrats, the Russia hoax, the Deep State, the Witch Hunt, the fake impeachment, among other things. Watching the latest video of a Bernie Sanders Iowa voter in 2016 make a declaration at a Bernie event last night proclaiming that Trump is a good man and socialism is bad, is the road map or the crystal ball if you will, of what’s going to happen in 2020.

In 2012, I was shunned by Republican organization leaders as well as friends that were die hard GOP because I spoke the truth- Mitt Romney wasn’t a leader, he wasn’t even a real Republican or a conservative, and that Obama just sealed the deal with the bottom financial tier of conservatives by offering them an even “better” Obamacare. I knew it was over for the RINO Romney and that the smooth talking, charismatic, really bad President would be re-elected based on the fact the promised something that about 10% of the GOP voting base across all ethic lines needed.

Fast forward to 2019 heading into 2020. President Trump has been lied about, bullied, ridiculed, verbally assaulted, made fun of and has had any shred of character castrated at the hands of all that hate him- Never Trumpers, Crazy Democrats and the Media as a whole, so eloquently nicknamed “Fake News”. However, there is something that all of these folks cannot take away or spin or dispute- his ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

Why Trump will win again is this website. The independent voters and Democrats that have been listening to and watching fake news for the last 3 years are now starting to have some doubts and they’re also beginning to ask questions. “How bad is this President?” “Is a booming stock market and economy really horrible?” “Is peace in the World a bad thing?” “Is Trump really guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors to be impeached?”

Those questions asked by a percentage of people that hated Donald Trump are the snowflakes, pun not intended, that will hit the side of the mountains all over the Country this Winter and will start the avalanche of NEW Trump supporters that will re-elect him in November of 2020. Not only will he be re-elected by a landslide, but by these people having an awakening as to how blinded they have been by the misleading and deceptive reporting, they’ll seek revenge on their elected officials and the Republicans will retake the House.

It’s not certain, but is a very strong possibility that Congressman Jeff Van Drew, D-NJ, will flip and become a Republican. The significance of this is striking and it makes me wonder, who’s next? I believe that there are some Democrat representatives in the House and the Senate that aren’t totally crazy. Surely this one lawmaker is not the Lone Ranger of the groups.

The Trump Effect is YUGE. The Trump Effect is REAL. The Trump Effect will pave the next 2 or 3 generations with prosperity and unity for our great Country. Thank you Mr. President.