A summary of the attack on our Embassy compound in Baghdad:

The Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei was openly calling for Iraqis and other rebels to attack the U.S. Embassy about 2 months ago. The dots to connect here are very disturbing. After this announcement, the attack began and there was a familiar face or two at the gathering.

Faleh Al Fayadh among other Militia leaders including Hadi Al Amiri, were there to oversee the “operation”.

In December of 2011, Al Amiri attended a meeting with President Obama, the Prime Minister of Iraq and other Baghdad advisors.

It’s been shared that Al Amiri and other Badr Organization has close ties to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard and that Badr actually took part in storming the Embassy.

Maybe the Senate should subpoena President Obama to ask him about this attack, his meeting in 2011 and do a compare and contrast to Benghazi.