The Democrat grab your guns talking point of “Australia worked” debunked


The Democrats, or as I like to call them, the #CrazyDemocrats, are gaining momentum on new gun laws. There’s a plethora of falsehoods they’re pedaling to the cameras, but this one is a BIG ONE! “Look at Australia- it worked in Australia!”

First of all, Australia has roughly the population of the State of Texas. I live there too, so I should know. The Port Arthur, Tasmania massacre was a terrible tragedy and it prompted the Australian Government to have a mandatory “buy back” (confiscation) of guns. How many did they confiscate you may ask- 643,000 guns.

How many guns are in America? Almost 400,000,000!

Just as the #CrazyDemocrats tried with #ObamaCare (you can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor) because it “worked” in Australia and other smaller Countries. Hello? It’s not a feasible solution as we are a highly populated Nation and a gun mandatory buy back (confiscation) is not logical. It will just not work.

Per 100 people in the United States, there are 120 guns.

If the #CrazyDemocrat ran Government were to be successful and get into office after Trump’s SECOND TERM, let’s say that they were 20% successful in this “buy back”. 80,000,000 guns x $100 per gun is $80,000,000,000! That’s $80 Billion with a B! Where’s that money coming from? Would they get it from their FREE Medicare for all and call it “Almost Medicare For All” or would it be from their $16 Trillion dollar New Green Disaster and they let a few cows live?

The bottom line- The United States of America will NOT surrender their guns and when the #CrazyDemocrats start worrying about

– illegal immigrants murdering our citizens
– daily violence due to lack of employment and family units in mostly sanctuary cities
– tackling the homeless epidemic due to drugs and mental health issues
– securing our border

we will be a much better Country of unity, but here we are………………….