I have to share that I am embarrassed watching this shit show of impeachment. The mere hypocrisy is so disgusting, it is vomit worthy. Election interference of “targeting an opponent” is so ignorant- the Fusion GPS, DNC and Hillary paid for “Steele Dossier” that was unverified and also used to spearhead an investigation into a political opponent’s campaign, which ultimately ended with the failed Mueller report. I have always been a straight shooter and I’ve never pulled the lever for a party, as I really strive to understand the vision and integrity of each candidate. I’ve voted Republican, Democrat and Independent.

The more I watch what is going on in our Country regarding ICE and the crazy asshats trying to abolish it, it amazes me how these politicians and law enforcement officers along with the sanctuary city elected officials can not be charged for ACCESSORY TO MURDER when releasing ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS that MURDER AMERICAN CITIZENS?

I will now only vote GOP. I have no more interest in being fair or logical in my assessment of any person seeking office because at this time, 99% of the Democrats are mentally ill socialists that hate our Country, despise the Federal law that conflicts with their utopian beliefs and ultimately, are flat out DANGEROUS!
President Trump is the most iconic, patriotic, law enforcement and military supporting President in history.