I have a few questions for you to consider. Please join us on Facebook and participate with your thoughts.

  1. Who is behind the development of the Coronavirus?
    We know without doubt that it was made in the lab outside of Wuhan, China and did not ‘develop exponentially and organically from a bat in a wet market’.
  2. Why is the media focused on infection numbers and not percentage of deaths from infections?
  3. Why are GOP officials and surrogates suddenly being infected with Covid-19?
    The talking point is ‘look at them not wearing their masks and not socially distancing’, yet how many deaths of ‘peaceful protestors’ have been recorded with their looting and rioting across the Country?
  4. If the virus can be so easily airborne spread, then why haven’t a million or more people died already that were shopping at WalMart and the other ‘essential stores’ BEFORE the eye rolling mask orders were introduced/enforced?
  5. If the virus can be so easily airborne spread, then would it be possible for someone to merely have doses that could be released into the air in certain environments or at events in order to infect people?
    James Bond and Ethan Hunt surely are incredible fictional spy characters, but don’t you agree that it wouldn’t be too hard to sabotage an event or gathering with something that is colorless, tasteless and without smell… like the coronavirus?
  6. Is it odd that since President Trump has taken over and began making our Country awesome again with jobs, less regulation and less tax, that each and every month it has become like Groundhog Day with a different scenario- one more devious than the last?
    The RINO and feckless globalist Paul Ryan is squarely to blame, as he literally let all of this happen before he exited like the coward that he is.

We have a LOT of questions, very few answers, so if you can help… please do so. It’s an open discussion and all idea and thoughts are welcome. However, racist and disrespectful rhetoric are not welcome.