Speaking of ABOVE THE LAW, hey Joe Biden, is your son a crackhead?


Joe Biden has a new ad out in Iowa that uses a woman speaking about cancer and Joe’s plan to expand the woeful Obamacare. It’s actually pathetic messaging in my opinion because this poor woman actually BELIEVES that Joe Biden is sympathetic to her.

JOE BIDEN IS A FAKE, GREEDY, DECEPTIVE, POLITICIAN that needs to be explaining why his crackhead son Hunter was the recipient of special treatment when he had a drug possession charge. I won’t get in the weeds on it, but basically this ROTTEN APPLE (that didn’t fall from the tree) had a record for drug possession and through a ‘new program’, was given a slap on the wrist and later had his record expunged.

Guess when? When DADDY GAFF MASTER was waging a WAR on DRUGS and “crims” in the ghetto.

JOE BIDEN, are you for term limits? JOE BIDEN, care to be a witness in the Senate trial for the fake impeachment? JOE BIDEN, how’s that fundraising going?

Hookers, drugs and lies… the legacy of “The Bidens”

And Epstein didn’t hang himself.