Our Country is being raped by fascist trolls, WE need to SAVE IT


Dear Communist Democrat Liberals,

This is an open letter to your fascist mob and to the Conservative leaders of our Country.

You loathe our Constitution.
You burn our Flag.
You sow discord, disobedience, anarchy and terror into our Country to suit a fairy tale utopia you dream of, but truly not only do you not have a plan for it, you have for the most part been wrong on every single thing since the 60s.
You came for God in school.
You came for God in public places.
You came for our historic statues and monuments.
You came for our wallets.
You came for our health through “Obamacare” keep your doctor keep your plan and save thousands of dollars a year.
You came for our President.

Now, you sickly, twisted and downright disgusting individuals want to come for our law enforcement, our sport, entertainment and entire LIFESTYLE that is the fabric of this Country.

Well, Democrats- Liberals- Corporate PANDERERS- you have now FORCED an entire Country to the brink of destitution and a simple thought regarding the direction of our United States of America: What will we be? What will we become? What will we stand for? What will we believe in? And if the true racist, child touching, colluding and corrupt former Vice President Joe Biden becomes President, I can acknowledge that if the mainstream media and despicable DNC are crafty enough with their continued lies, the aforementioned questions will not need to be answered- I will answer them here- Our Country will die. China will be our Daddy. Manufacturing jobs will shrivel up and die like they did under Obama. Taxes will skyrocket and the ‘protesting mob’ will sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Schools will continue to be run down, especially in the hardest hit communities.

This “cancel culture” has to stop. I call on ALL TRUE Conservative leaders. I don’t care if you’re a Libertarian or a Republican. STAND UP! SPEAK UP! If you don’t now, we WILL LOSE OUR COUNTRY to idiots that hate it. Get off the fence. If you have donors that you’re beholden to, cut them loose and DEPEND on WE THE PEOPLE to support your campaigns. You MUST stand up to this tyranny and hypocrisy that so many honorable men and women have died to defend.

I will use something that the “woke Me too” Hollywood actress made trend in the last week- SILENCE IS VIOLENCE. If you love our Constitution. If you love your Country. If you believe that Donald J. Trump can lead us out of this catastrophe, then I urge- no, I plead and beg you… get off your ass and PROTECT us! We are being raped and told to enjoy it!

Concerned Veteran,