There is a lot of smoke (pun intended) around the tee pee of Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren. What we’d love to ask the lying Pocahontas is “What makes you ABOVE THE LAW Liz?”.

One of the biggest scandals in American history is currently developing. No, it’s not the fake Russian collusion conspiracy or the fabricated Ukraine debacle spearheaded by known liar and leaker Shifty Schiff. It’s the “College Admissions Scandal”, in which parents are GOING TO JAIL for defrauding college institutions. Circling back to what I’d love to ask the proclaimed selfie queen is “What makes you ABOVE THE LAW?”.

Benefits from fraud, no matter what the threshold, is flat out wrong. “I’m Native American” is a statement of fact that is irrelevant of where it originated. The passed down ‘high cheek bones’ story is crap.

We’d love to see an investigation into Elizabeth Warren’s documented fraud to advance her professional career.