Netflix makes gay Jesus Christmas parody movie, how about pizzagate Muhammad?


The Hollywood psycho hypocritical crazy liberals are at it again. This time they’ve crossed the line 100%!

Depicting Jesus returning home when he’s 30 as a gay man and to have Mary smoking weed is disrespectful on a level that surpasses comedy and even human decency on a level that is unforgivable. #BoycottNetflix is probably trending on Twitter- I’d check, but I couldn’t be bothered since my 2 accounts are permanently suspended.

I have an idea though! The backlash and bullshit that Pamela Geller had to endure with a contest of doing a cartoon drawing of Muhammad was absolutely fierce. The LGBTQ community, the Islamic groups and organizations all over the World along with the mainstream media, came down on her with fire and fury. Since what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, let’s make a new film!

#MuhammadPizzaGate Muhammad Pizza Gate- The pedo sauce is so juicy, it’s not recommended, it’s demanded. Pedo Muhammad flings his pizzas while singing Abba and all of the friends of Podesto and Epstein enter through the side back door with the sliding bookcase to the gold plated elevator.

This is yet another reason Why Trump Will Win Again. Americans are fighting back with common sense and logic. The forgotten men and women of this great Country have the momentum and now a leader that will fight for their rights. So, about that movie… we’ll think about it. Share this if you’d like to see it.

And Epstein did not hang himself.