I’ve watched candidates that are breaking the mold of politics as usual and they’re using the “Trump model” for policy and campaigning. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the MAGA Candidate running for the 14th Congressional District in Georgia is on FIRE! She’s not only hit the ground running with a plethora of pledges to support President Trump and also put new business ideas into the swamp, but she is picking up key endorsements and attempting to sleigh the House Dragon for treason! You fight fire with fire, and she understands that! Sign her petition now!

She’s picked up endorsements from

– Congressman Jim Jordan
– House Freedom Fund
– Debbie Meadows Right Women PAC

If you’re in Georgia’s 14th District, you MUST vote for Marjorie. Visit her website Greene2020.com and if you can spare $5 or more, please donate to her! She is a yard sign beast!