Back in July, actually July 2nd of 2019, the Iowa Democrat server went down. No explanation, no assistance, no announcement. It took them 8 days to get their own website back online. Let’s think about that- 8 days. Go and try to find a story on it. It was BURIED by the media. The #DuhMoines toilet paper was the lead on the non-story.

Coin tosses. Really! Let’s decide who wins by a coin toss. Would the NFL go for that shit? NOPE! How about MLB in game 7 of the World Series? NOPE! Would a little league championship even go for that shit so that all participants get a trophy? NOPE! Why? Because it’s IGNORANT!

Let’s get down to the real issue about Iowa- The leaders of the Iowa Democrats, Tom Price: Chairman as well as the DNC Chair: Tom Perez, are corrupt, Anti-Bernie hacks. Not in a million years will the DNC Elite let Bernie out of the gate into a General Election. These hypocrites are the EXACT reason why Trump got elected. Good ol folks from rural cities with a population of 2,000+ across the midwest and the Country, saw a tweet, read a Facebook post, caught a Trump rally video on YouTube, and guess what- they smelled rats- Democrat and Republican rats!

I hope Bernie CRUSHES everybody! I hope that the crazy communist can actually fight off the corrupt attacks against him and win the Democrat nomination. Why? Because Trump will crush him. Trump will smash any of the candidates, but Bernie would be the easiest.

Iowa, you’ve been slandered, bent over and the Democrat leaders of your State have stuffed it right up your booty, just like Mayor Pete likes it. Change my mind.