Irony- A magazine editor that can’t read.

If it’s a battle of morals, quite possibly this idiot has made a grave misstep on the liberal Christianity support of sales. Mark Galli, the editor of Christianity Today, a magazine started by the late Billy Graham, has called for the impeachment of President Trump.

Does he not understand the basics of Christianity? Does he not understand how many Federal judges that Trump has appointed? Has he been locked in a Bible closet when the Kavanaugh FIGHT was happening after he appointed Gorsich and got BOTH on the Supreme Court? Maybe Galli LOVES the new laws of infanticide that Trump HIGHLY OPPOSES?

I wonder if the Christian editor that has called out Trump for his morals has ever looked at porn? How about it Mr. Galli- fess up bro- when’s the last time you looked at some good old sneaky porn? When is the last time you’ve sinned at all?

The PROBLEM with this dickhead is that he is alienating probably 90% of his subscription base and he doesn’t care. Why? He’ll get hired by some leftist rag within 24 hours of being fired or become jobless after the magazine folds.

What do YOU think about this fake Christian calling out our great President?