American History. Yeh, the Democrats wanted to educate everybody on their vast knowledge of the Constitution these last few months, which I’m sure most have not read fully. They wanted to share how much the founders of our great nation would agree with their crazy liberal sentiments and have thrown Trump in jail or at the very least, protested with the ANTIFA mobs, other crazy liberals and mainstream fake news media on every sanctuary street corner in the Country. They quoted James Madison with straight faces of nobility, like they were besties and they just had a selfie with him. They even had experts come and do a pile on in the judiciary hearings as “witnesses”. The totally biased asshat professors had Twitter feeds that should have been suspended for some of the things tweeted about our President.

As I’ve studied politics for about 34 or 35 years, I’ve been amazed at how people of the highest pedigree with the best degrees from the most prestigious schools in the World, can be the biggest, most arrogantly ignorant, dumb as dogshit jackasses.

Donald J. Trump will go down as the best President in American history. That statement is true for probably about 100 reasons today and more reasons that can be added to it for years and years to come.

Steve Jobs- Touted as the most innovative man that changed the World. This is 100% true and to his great credit, his choice to never give up, start another company and then retake control of his baby (Apple) and revolutionize the way that we live. BUT… WHAT IF… what if Steve Wozniak doesn’t code PONG that Jobs sells to Atari? What if when the 2 men that founded Apple on April Fools day in 1976, Wozniak says to Jobs, “Naa, April Fools” and stays at Hewlett Packard? Steve Jobs was the leader, the motivator, the tasker and the one that could make shit happen. Steve Wozniak was the technically gifted and hyper intelligent one that would integrate Jobs’ ideas into something tangible. Together, they surrounded themselves with the most loyal and talented people that they could find. Apple, the most valuable company in the World today, was pioneered by an acid dropping, weed smoking hippy that had a vision, literally and figuratively, of how to make the World a better place.

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and others. The paths and the stories are mostly the same. They are all great leaders of their chosen space.

Donald Trump- A braggadocious, conceded, quite arrogant, hysterical, intelligent and street smart man that changed the World. This is 100% true and to his great credit, his choice to never give up, make an aggressive come back after his empire was on the brink of failure, not only made television history, or even American history, but World history.

Trump overcame the greatest of the great odds in 2015 and 2016 on the road to becoming the most hated and the most loved man in the World, and President of our great Country. He fought the Deep State, the Obama Administration, the Bush dynasty and the Clinton dynasty. He beat their asses up one side and down the other and did so with the help of a little Duck Dynasty. Trump has made changes not only to the way that we view the World, but to the way that we view ourselves. He has challenged us all. He’s challenged our own moral compass as well as our self belief and confidence. He has gifted his entire salary to the government to help various entities. He has said some really stupid things and some of those really stupid things needed to be said. He has stood up for America in the World and fought back against being taken advantage of on the global stage. Everything that he has done thus far in his Presidency globally can be summed up with one of his favorite phrases, “We’re not suckers anymore”.

The Trump Presidency is almost half way complete and he’s accomplished more in 3 years than the last 3 Presidents accomplished combined. I acknowledge that I’m not a fan of the growing national debt. How I look at that is through the lens of a startup. I look at Trump’s first 3 years of being President as the same as a budding startup that has to establish a proof of concept and gain traction in the market place, which in this case, is the World. He has borrowed from friends and family and soon he’ll be to his Series A round going into 2020 and will not need anymore funding because he is truly a unicorn. The Trump America IPO will be launched in November of 2020 when he is re-elected and the fiscal spending policies, trade deals and jobs numbers will pave the way and allow a Republican majority in Congress and the Senate to start reducing the national debt.

After Trump wins re-election, the media will have a lot to talk about for the next 4 years. The pages of the internet will be lit up with fire and brimstone, documenting the bad orange man, while other pages will be documenting the great accomplishments and successes. These moments in time will ultimately be transcribed into books, lesson plans and other mediums, so that in 20 or 30 or 40 years, even the Trump hating liberal professors, Trump hating fake news media and the sad world of socialist liberals, will have to reflect and acknowledge that President Trump was the greatest President in history and he’s the one man that changed the World. It will be taught in political science and history classes all over the World for years and years to come.

Somehow, maybe, the Democrat party will survive the reign of the new Republican rule of power, the power given back to WE THE PEOPLE and the FORGOTTEN MEN AND WOMEN, and the party can move forward toward sanity… or it will die. Time will have to tell that tale.

President Trump has demonstrated The Art of the Deal, The Apprentice and his street smarts with toughness, will always win big in the end. In 100+ years, when people visit Mount Rushmore and see him there, they’ll probably figure out a way to get a selfie with his hair on them with one of their apps.

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And Epstein did not hang himself.