The Trump economy is now on FIRE and is 25% of the World economy

In three short years, since Donald Trump became our President, America has grew from 21% of the global economy to 25%! The Democrats and their Russia hoax, witch hunts, global warming chaos and even impeachment cannot stop our great President!

The stock market rallies of President Trump are outpacing that of prior Presidents, including Obama. It looks like Mark Cuban and all of the other “financial experts” that called for gloom and doom should pick up a pen and start taking notes!

The lame “Trump is a bad man” Democrat Presidential candidates are so consumed with Trump Derangement Syndrome that they are ignoring or spinning this news. Calling out “America’s number one agenda should be the climate” is not a message that resonates with the hundreds of thousands of Americans that are now WORKING again and paying lower taxes. The “healthcare for all- even illegal immigrants” message is not working and lastly, their “the stock market is only for the rich” will go down in flames as well.

The WORLD is watching and in Countries around the globe, people are waking up to what the POWER OF THE PEOPLE can do with a GREAT LEADER.