Democrat candidates crying about the rules shines spotlight on the snowflakes


SUPER SNOWFLAKES and Democrat Presidential candidates are crying their little eyes out about the rules, wanting to change the goal poles in the middle of the game and shining the spotlight directly on their character.

“EVERYBODY GETS A TROPHY” they all SHOUT! Not really, but yeh really.

Spartacus Cory Booker is at the forefront crying his eyes out about fairness of the debate stage. I’m sorry Spartacus, but when did being the BEST CANDIDATE for the job have ANYTHING to do with race, religion or gender? If you get on an airplane to go to one of your lunch room “rallies”, are you concerned if the pilots are qualified for the job of you getting you there safely or would you want “fairness” of race, religion or gender to enter into and jeopardize your safety?

You, Senator Booker, are part of the WORST problem in America. You have a bit of strife and want immediate gratification for your woes from your rallying cry. You and the other crazy Democrats have a lot to learn.

And Epstein did not hang himself.