Biden, Burisma, BOOMERANG! Court filing shows Hunter Biden earning $156 MILLION from Ukraine corruption


The Democrats most hated word of the decade is BOOMERANG!

It just goes to show that when you try more to harm someone or people or property in general, that life has a cosmic and comedic way of performing KARMA right before our very eyes. The BIG STORY that was going to push Trump into the gutter was about a stripper. The story never stuck and there was all sorts of “catch and kill” rumors and who paid who and Michael Cohen and on and on and on. FAST TRACK to 2019 from 2016 and wallah!

A STRIPPER is going to TAKE DOWN Joe Biden. Why? In a court filing it was revealed that Hunter Biden made $156,000,000 (That’s 156 MILLION dollars) from Burisma and Ukraine corruption. That Joe Biden “shake down quid pro quo” video just got a WHOLE LOT MORE INTERESTING!