Dear Mr. President,

The Country and the World are a better place since you have been elected to lead our great Nation. Only 3 short years ago, you shocked about half of the Country and 90% of the World by beating Hillary Clinton. Since becoming President, you have said some really stupid things, but who doesn’t? Sometimes I don’t agree with your words, just like I stated on that I built in December of 2015 and what I shared as a speaker when I caucused for you in Iowa. However, you have done so many great things that will go unappreciated by the millions that detest you and be immensely appreciated by the millions that do and it’s reflected by your record setting campaign donations.

Iran- You were right to take out the terrorist. You were absolutely correct under the law to kill the terrorist that was responsible for the deaths of more brown skin people than Americans of all skin color. Your show of restraint with everything that Iran and proxies have done since you’ve been President actually even shocked me. Each poke of the bear, I would think to myself “Ohhhh that’s the last straw! Buckle up Iran!” and you would defer and choose diplomacy over force. For the challengers of your agenda, they talked trash when you did nothing militarily and now that you have acted because the death of one of our own, they’re attacking you for acting.

Iraq- Wow. The weak, pathetic and disrespectful action performed by the Iraqi Prime Minister and their Parliament is absolutely disgusting on every level of decency. It reminds me of the hairy armpit liberal whack jobs out protesting you and burning flags, then 9 minutes after the postman is late with their welfare check they’re on Twitter blaming you. I would set these wheels in motion per the Iraqi decision to push out all U.S. troops from Iraq:

  1. Accommodate them in a timely manner. Pull every single warm blooded troop that we would love to have back home within 30 days. We were defending a Country that obviously was not worth defending.
  2. We can’t get back our blood lost there in the sands that are now stained and I certainly would not disrespect our fallen warriors by placing a monetary value on their life. However, the U.S. taxpayer has provided this Country with foreign aid over $70 BILLION dollars. If our good will is no longer needed, how about they provide us with a compensation check for 50% of it and disburse it through fallen warriors, wounded warriors and better funding for Veterans.
  3. WHEN, not if, but WHEN Iran, ISIS, Al Qaeda and Hezbollah go in strong, fight among themselves, and eventually have such a hostile environment fighting over the power to take over Iraq, watch them suffer. The Iraqi people are the victims of this atrocity, but you as President, or we as a Nation, cannot save the World.

The Democrats- Wow wow. We have people that are elected officials that hate our President, hate our way of life, hate our Country as a whole and could not organize a picnic, coming out with statements that are legally wrong, but also so idiotic that they’re going to be fantastic campaign ad snippets for with the MAGA Candidates retake the House. I’m sickened and I’m saddened by some of the language used by these people.

Final thoughts:

I hope and trust that you’ll inevitably make the right decision. You have done a truly amazing job and I thank you, and probably 99% of the people that have read this open letter thank you. I know your strategy has always been for long game. I have watched it with China. I have watched it with the Democrats. Please stay focused and get ready for the short game in a year. Your vision for our Country will be fully realized and supported when the GOP regains the House and you have total control. The RINO’s are gone, the crazy Democrats will be gone, and you’ll have the opportunity of a lifetime to continue the trajectory of growth on a much grander scale.

Thank you Mr. President.


#MAGA Supporter