About WhyTrumpWillWinAgain.com | A true love story

It started off with Donald Trump coming down that now famous escalator. I watched, listened, and knew that he would have a chance. After almost 4 months of the media salivating for interviews and to get their websites traffic, I knew his campaign had a chance with free advertising.

On December 15, 2015, WhyTrumpWillWin.com was born. It’s still live today and has not changed since Trump became our 45th President. We supported Donald Trump from that day forward and literally skewered each and every other candidate through the Republican primary.


Sorry not sorry Ted Cruz CruzSexScandal.com, sorry not sorry Marco Rubio, and the other establishment dipshits that voiced a stern message of RINO crapola. They were like Obama 2.0- seriously. “Hope and Change”- Yeh right!  Repeal Obamacare- Yeh right! Then after the fight in the GOP was over and it was rightfully REBADGED as TRUMP’S PARTY, we focused on #CrookedHillary.


NeverHillary.club was born and we were relentless! Our Twitter accounts with over 650,000 followers were amazing and it was a LOT of fun… until we got them all suspended. Or shall we say, Jack Dorsey and the Twitter Liberals SILENCED US.

So going into this 2020 Election, our website here will be FULL of unique articles and videos, 3rd party videos and awesome Facebook posts and Tweets. Want to be involved? Hit us up with a message.